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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers


How is Springwell Management different from others in our field?

Springwell Management actually started out as a private property management company in 2011, managing only our own rental properties. We have had several requests to start managing as a service and just recently decided to open our doors as a for-hire property management company. As your property management company, we promise to treat your property as our own.

How do your fees work?

We negotiate different fees for different services. No two properties are the same in this business and property owners usually request a multitude of different services, all of which are accounted for. As your property management company, our goal is always to generate more income for your rental property than we cost you. A quote, along with some more information regarding the fees for our services, can be obtained by using the contact form.

What do you do to lease spaces?

We provide many different options when it comes to obtaining tenants. Aside from posting signs and online advertisements, we work with some of the best local commercial real estate brokers to find tenants. Over the years we have networked with many different brokerages which makes it a quick and efficient process to obtain a high quality tenant. Aside from working with other brokers, we have contacts with national corporations who may be interested in opening a franchise at your property! 

What do your property management services include?

We offer a multitude of different services when it comes to commercial property management. We provde rent collection, billing and payments, budgeting, business planning, CAM and NNN evaluations and collections, leasing spaces, property restoration, property insurance, and expense management.

How do I get in contact with you?

Its easy! Click Here

Will I have any responsibilities as the landlord while you manage my property?

Unfortunately, yes. As a landlord, you will always have many responsibilities regarding your property. As your property manager, it is our job to do everything we are capable of to make your life easier, but, in certain situations, we are legally limited to being just the manager of the property, and cannot fulfill many of your owner-related responsibilities.

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